It’s hard to believe that Gateway Market has been open for more than five years. What’s even harder to believe is that five years later, I still enjoy roaming the aisles and taking in all the great products. One thing that makes Gateway Market so different from other markets is that it’s chef-inspired; in other words, most of the products we offer are on our shelves because chefs want them and can’t find them anywhere else.

This means that our shelves are packed with excellent, unique items and brands that many people have never seen before. Even a lot of Gateway regulars can walk right by something without knowing the story of the item! So, from time to time, I am going to pull a few of my favorite items off the shelves at Gateway and share with you why I think they’re special – I call it “Formaro’s Finds.”

Two of Gateway Market’s most popular olive oils.

Gateway Market’s selection of olive oils is amazing – although there are tons of types and brands of oils out there, the ones we carry were chosen based on chef reviews and preferences. BelAria, a fruity Italian import, delivers a lot of bang for its buck and is extremely affordable – it’s the “go-to” olive oil for everyday use. Frantoia, which comes to us from Sicily, is a premium olive oil; this is a top pick with rave reviews from connoisseurs around the world. If olive oil has a starring role in your dish, you gotta go with Frantoia!

Field Day is just one of the brands of organic broth we sell at Gateway.

The best way to guarantee complete satisfaction with any homemade soup is to make your own broth. But there usually isn’t time for DIY; so the next best thing is a quality organic broth. Why is organic better? Well, many regular canned broths have a bunch of additives that just make them taste heavier than they should. Organic broths, especially those made by Field Day, taste fresh and light, like the kind you make at home.

Sprouted grain pasta has a unique texture and flavor; try it for a nice change of pace!

Anyone that’s looking for an alternative to traditional white pasta needs to check this out! Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Pasta is a great find for anyone often feels over-stuffed and sluggish after eating white pasta. Because of the different texture of the pasta, it works best with lighter sauces or a mix of olive oil, garlic, pepper and cheese rather than your traditional red sauce.

These represent a tiny fraction of all the amazing products on Gateway – next time you stop by, grab something unfamiliar off the shelves for a closer look. You just may find a new favorite!

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