Just for the record, I would never slap your mama, my mama, or anyone’s mama. But we’ve all heard the phrase “that’s so good you’ll wanna slap yo mama.” There’s even a company, Slap Ya Mama, that makes Cajun seasoning which you can find in the spice area at Gateway Market!

Barbecued pork ribs can definitely fall into this “so good you’ll wanna…” category. And as amazing as smoked ribs can be, sometimes you just want ribs without the hassle of setting up the equipment and smelling like smoke for two days afterwards. So today’s recipe is from my personal collection and uses an old-fashioned home oven, which I’ve found works perfectly well, especially during an Iowa winter.

Ribs roasted in a home oven can be surprisingly good.

Ribs can seem intimidating, but they’re really pretty easy. All you need is the basic formula to make indoor ribs work, like this no-brainier recipe. You just need to do some simple prep and then you can just forget about them in the oven and still get a great result!

If you want to put your own spin on it, you can always experiment with rubs and sauces. For instance, I might add fresh thyme and rosemary to the rub and honey, molasses or brown sugar in the sauce. You can add more mustard and vinegar if you like to the sauce. You can also experiment with picante sauce like those offered by La Tapatia brand (available at Gateway). Adding a bunch of picante will make a sauce taste a little more like Arthur Bryant’s famed sauce (that’s a secret I’m sure they don’t want to let out!). Be adventurous with rubs and sauces to find your own special recipe!

Oven roasted ribs – Slap Yo Mama Style

  • 2 racks baby back ribs
  • Make your own rub (here’s my recipe), or pick one of the fine commercial rubs at Gateway
  • 2-4 tbsps. Worcestershire sauce (want some added smoke? Add a few drops of liquid smoke here to up the ante)
  • BBQ sauce (try making George’s K.C. Style BBQ Sauce, or simply use one of the many specialty sauces Gateway carries).

Here’s how to get the magic going…

Heat oven (or smoker) to 275 degrees.

Remove membrane from back side of ribs. Rub Worcestershire sauce, followed by rubbing spice mix into both sides of the ribs.

Place the ribs side by side on a baking pan or large cookie sheet. Cook for 3 hours or until bone can be easily pulled away from rack. You do not want the meat to be falling off the bone – real fans of Q won’t stand for that!

You can serve these ribs immediately or hold warm, coated with sauce on one side. Or liberally brush ribs with sauce and bake in 400 degree oven for 20 to 30 minutes to caramelize sauce.

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