I have had blogging on my mind for years. I know what you are thinking. “Does he really have time to mess with this?” or, “Really, do we need another blogger out there?”

Well, first, I spend so much time thinking, talking, cooking and eating food. Yes, there’s South Union Bakery, Centro, the Gateway Market Café, Django and Zombie Burger + Drink Lab. Also, I have the radio show, the Kitchen Insider on KMFG 99.1 every Saturday at 10 a.m. But even that doesn’t seem to be enough. There’s so much to say. Blogging is a way to share a life’s passion.

Just as important, blogs can be fun when they help you get to know a how a person looks at part of the world. I will talk about food – the appropriate “F” word. You might not agree with everything I write. But you will learn how I feel about food and what it means to me.

This blog is called “The Formaro Files.” But the first name I thought of was “The F Files.” Those who spend some time around me know I actually use quite a few words that start with the letter “F.” So it seemed natural. If you keep reading, you will find out that I am crazy, sensitive, passionate, loud and crazy.

I like crazy. I also like having fun – another “F” word – whenever possible. I take food, my passion, very seriously, but I am not at all a serious person.

That said, here’s some topics I will be talking about…

  • Jonesin’ for a burger – a better burger using better products
  • Pizza fix for pizza junkies (Gateway Market can be like a crack house for DIY pizza addicts!)
  • Food Porn. You know when you see it.
  • Comfort food classics
  • Takeaway favorites
  • Comfort food makeovers
  • Food that tastes naughty (but it’s not)
  • No recipe, recipes
  • Best breakfast food anytime
  • Post-midnight snacks
  • Comfort foods gone vegetarian
  • Football Food
  • Red alert! In-season products!
  • Diners gone wild
  • Food for the morning after
  • Best dishes from around the world
  • Like mom used to make

So sit back, enjoy and feel free to share your ideas with me. Follow me on twitter and friend me on Facebook!

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