If you’re like me, the 70 degree weather of the last few days really got you geared up for summer – sitting on a patio, grilling, indulging in a few beverages and generally enjoying being outside in Iowa.

But then today hit and you’re brought back to reality – springtime in Iowa can be a kick in the teeth. Perhaps your grilling plans were thwarted; don’t worry – I’ve got a substitute.

With temps in the 40s to 50s, it’s still prime time for those cold-weather comfort foods you love. Here are a few of my favorite recipes that helped sustain me during this last winter. Gateway Market currently has all of these meats in stock, so stop by and try some of these at home this week – hopefully it’ll be your last opportunity before warm weather is here to stay!

Braised Short Rib with Noodles – this one is a definite cold-weather favorite; rich, beefy mixture served on top of pappardelle pasta.

Roasted Chicken and Noodles – Another noodle dish, but this one uses pre-made rotisserie chickens from Gateway Market. Perfect timing, too, since rotisserie chickens are on sale every Wednesday!

Perfect Pot Roast – Great on a variety of dishes or served solo, pot roast takes the edge off a gloomy day.

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